Thank you for playing Dread House!

We, the Puppetmasters, had too much fun creating and putting on Dread House. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

blurred world cambridge mental hospital dread house
dead poems dream projector forty hertz
fitzsimmons god mind gold mine hotel
i am invisible old dread house page puzzlecards
ron's world seventh sons stranger than fiction
tomorrow's talk the unraveling urban hunt
urban mythology

Your PM Overlords include:

Storyline, plus plot twists that make your eyes bulge out: Dave Szulborski
Most twisted genius

Incessant fiddling: Addlepated
Tie: Most inadvertent outings/Most likely to fiddle with something until it's decimated

Immeasurable amounts of proofreading and playtesting: Caterpillar
More proofreading muscle in her little finger than most major journalistic enterprises have altogether

Continuity Queen: Diandra
Most likely to say that no, we may not have Ed Vargas be the one who killed Jimmy Hoffa

Inability to paraphrase: Lazarus Long
Most likely to cure insomnia

Diarrhea of the puzzle muscle: Sin_Vraal
Most likely to pimp books, lick Dave, and make Diandra vomit

We're laughing with you, we promise...

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