Thank you for playing Dread House!

And you said some stuff that had us rolling in the aisles!

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grumpyboy: *cough*

"Alrighty then. We have a name (and can refer to the webmaster as a "she")." - Konamouse

(PM Response - wanna bet?)

Konamouse: oh, this is Urban hunt. no bees in here, just crazy dead people so far.

RobMagus: hooray for crazy dead people!

RobMagus: my my this here webmaster guy / sent a message in an email and now we all try / to figure out what happened at / the Cambridge Mental Hospital. the Cambridge Mental Hoospitaaal...

dmax: brilliant PM move, i must say

* dmax has a guaiac-positive nose

(PM Response: We'll never have to complain about a not-so-fresh feeling again!)

Karmic_Crimewave: Charles is the love child of Ann Starling and Harold Harris....We was insane and was committed after killing his father, released only after the hospital was closed...Now he and Old Todd (who is a psychotic delusion his mind created wh

Karmic_Crimewave: Yes, but you didn't take it all the way the through...You see, Charles is amongsts our company here...

heri: Charles to Reed Singleton: Reeeed... I am your faaaather... Look into your heart, you know it to be true...

heri: Reed: That's not true! That's impossible! "lets go of the rope and falls into the hole* AAaahhhhhhH!

Karmic_Crimewave: Isn't that right, Dish? Dish...Or should I say....CHARLES?

dishboy: nocomment

XyzzySqrl: If this is pre-game, then I predict the real game will be Reed dropping dead mysteriously around the time when the book 'should' be released.

XyzzySqrl: (His last words: "Buy my boo...aaaaugh...")

blag|freedom: and solved the game, but that's less important

Grunt_Humper: solved? you're a few days late, dude

Grunt_Humper: we're on the post game party now

blag|freedom: crap.

blag|freedom: story of my life

phammond: Yeah. Uh, where were you?

phammond: You missed it all.

XyzzySqrl: I thought the bit where we had to play Flash-based Pac Man with a disembodied Ann head was a little tasteless myself.

sequoya: What are you talking about, that was the best bit!

blag|freedom: i managed to drop "ancient terror" into conversation twice today. see if anyone i know is a PM

heri: did patient 10 really end up in CMH for five years for "masturbation"?

PatamonKid: O_o

heri: man, they'd lock me up and throw away the key.

RobMagus: oh my.


Eolirin: still hard to believe that masturbation is a supposed cause.

RobMagus: looks like it was a relatively common one too.

PatamonKid: Well, would you rather them have written "Never stops fapping" instead?

Steve_Rowan: Ahh... Mr... Dishman is it? (checks clipboard) Splendid then... if you'd just step right this way... We'll start our tour of CMH with a lovely whiff of this chloroform.

XyzzySqrl: Because if you don't buy DeadPoems, Reed will come to your house and stare at you until you do.

RungeKutta: XyzzySqrl: that's creepy as hell

XyzzySqrl: Runge: But if you keep him in a dust cover he'll be an excellent game prop.

heri: Top Ten Ways of Determining Whether or Not You are Dead: #10. Motion detector lights often fail to go on for you unless you are actually wheeled or thrown into the field of the detector.

dm[a]x: #9 - you're the star of an M Night Shyamalan movie

heri: #8 Ann Starling often says to you "Yes, that's very good, but do you know anything that rhymes with 'decomposing'?"

heri: Charles: "Those shreds of paper Todd is leaving everywhere... they're not PAPER... They're PEOPLE! SHREDDED PAPER IS PEOPLE!" *Charles goes running through the streets screaming "Shredded paper is people!"

Nogwater: there was no Dread House. It's all a promo for Urban Hunt.

Karmic_Crimewave: We know nothing about the Projector, save that Doc Carl is a handsome man.

owler: his bio weirds me out

PsychoticKitten: ew he scares me

* heri: looks at KC strangely.

owler: aside from the nazi bit

Karmic_Crimewave: Hey, I'm just sayin'....

PsychoticKitten: i didnt look at the bio. his pictures creeped me out

* heri: continues to look at KC strangely.

* Pixiestix: pokes KC with stick

owler: i find it REALLY strange that part of his vitals stats is that he's "the oldest of 3 boys"

Pixiestix: you ok there?

konamouse: okay, there are more shoemakers??

owler: pk: you can have dr strangelove, seq and i get ron

PsychoticKitten: i suppose if you use psychology on that one...

Karmic_Crimewave: Look, heri...I'm not gay...But if I were....That man, he sings to me.

owler: yes

owler: but we know nothing else bout shoemaker #2 and #3

* PsychoticKitten: raises eyebrow.

* heri: stops looking at KC strangely for fear that it might be interpreted as a longing gaze

(PM Response - Addlepated says, "You're talking about my daddy!")